‘Mank’: David Fincher’s Netflix Film Gets a First Poster!! Check It Out!!

After 6 long years of waiting, a new David Fincher film is nearly upon us. Mank, the story of chaotic screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz and his battles with Orson Welles during the making of Citizen Kane, debuts in limited theaters and on Netflix this winter, and we’ve just gotten a glimpse of the film’s first official poster.

The image was shared on Twitter by the official @MankFilm account. Appropriately, the poster is accompanied by a caption written out like an excerpt from a screenplay (likely a real excerpt from the film’s actual script). It’s followed up with an additional excerpt, this time a piece of dialogue delivered by Mank: “I’ve got a great idea for a picture, Louis… A picture I just know you’re gonna love.”

Interestingly, the screenplay for Mank was written by Fincher’s late father Jack, and the film was intended to be Fincher’s follow-up to 1997’s The Game. At long last the project has come to fruition, featuring an impressive ensemble cast including Gary Oldman as Mankiewicz, Amanda Seyfried as Marion Davies, and Charles Dance as infamous newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst (who was the unofficial subject of Citizen Kane). As you can tell by the poster, the film is shot entirely in black and white to capture a vintage Hollywood feel, which is echoed in the film’s recent trailer. The poster, sporting a similarly old-school layout and typography, features Oldman as an absolutely hammered Mank standing on a table mid-celebration. This is appropriate, considering the real-life Mankiewicz was, in addition to being a brilliant screenwriter, a mercurial alcoholic who eventually succumbed to his addiction. The man led a fascinating life, and any fans of Fincher, Citizen Kane, and/or old Hollywood drama are likely counting the days until Mank’s release.

Check out the full poster image below. Mank bows in theaters this November, and on Netflix December 4th.



via Collider

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