‘Saigon Bodyguards’: Chris Pratt to Star in Russo Brothers-Produced Action Comedy Remake!!

In 2016, director Ken Ochiai gave us Saigon Bodyguards, a Vietnamese action-comedy about two bodyguards who are tasked with guarding an important heir to a fortune, and get into all kinds of shenanigans along the way. Now, we’re getting the American version, with one of our biggest American superstars to boot. Deadline reports that Chris Pratt will star alongside Chinese superstar Wu Jing in the Universal Pictures remake of Saigon Bodyguards, with Pratt’s MCU collaborators Joe and Anthony Russo going along for the ride as producers.

The original film’s engine is powered by that tried and true buddy-action-comedy dynamic: One of the bodyguards is straight-laced and serious, the other is a silly goofball. And while we don’t know how much the new version will retain from the original, I would be willing to bet that Wu will play our straight-laced bodyguard, and Pratt will be our silly goofball, and well, that sounds like a classically good time at the movies! The new Saigon Bodyguards will be written by Alex Gregory and Peter Huyck (What Men Want) and produced by the Russo Brothers through their AGBO Films production company, which has also given us hard-hitting MCU-star-driven actioners like Extraction. Other producers include AGBO partner Mike Larocca and Pratt himself.

While we’re well accustomed to Pratt’s blockbuster schtick by this point, thanks to self-effacing blockbuster turns in titles like Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World, Wu may be a new face to many Western filmgoers. Beyond a small role in the American-produced The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Wu is likely best known for starring and directing in the Chinese blockbuster film series Wolf Warrior, the second of which the Russo Brothers served as consultants on. Thus, Saigon Bodyguards sounds like a perfect introduction of this global scale of filmmaking and stardom into the American, Western-centric view of power in the entertainment industry. The Russos and Wu are making a play for our eyeballs and attention, combining the biggest in Vietnamese, Chinese, and yes, American cinema to do so. Will it be worth the effort?


via Collider

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