‘American Crime Story: Impeachment’: First Look Reveals an Unrecognizable Sarah Paulson!! Check It Out!!

It appears as though filming has finally begun on the delayed third season of FX’s American Crime Story, which will focus on the impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton as told through the eyes of Monica Lewinsky. Titled American Crime Story: Impeachment, the show stars Sarah Paulson as Linda Tripp, who secretly recorded her calls with Lewinsky, and Paulson has shared a first look at her physical transformation for the role.

Paulson previously transformed herself for her tremendous turn in the first season of Ryan Murphy’s anthology series, The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, but her turn as Tripp involves full-on prosthetics. It’s, well, a trip.

Murphy previously told us that the idea for Impeachment is to tell Lewinsky’s story, and noted that she’s involved in the show:

“I’m very, very excited to have Monica Lewinsky’s version of what happened be put out there in the world, and I think that she’s earned the right to be able to tell her story, how she wants to tell it. And I think her version of what happened and the facts will be very startling to people, and I think it’s important. I love and care for her as a person.

It’s very similar to what happened when we did OJ with Marcia Clark. You forget how vilified and misunderstood Marcia Clark was, and I feel the same way about Monica. That she’s not been treated fairly, and that she is a cultural figure who literally deserves her day in court and in this show she will get it.”

An airdate for Impeachment has yet to be revealed, but the first two seasons of ACS were fantastic – too few people tuned into The Assassination of Gianni Versace to realize how brilliant and nuanced it was with regards to its titular story.

Check out Sarah Paulson as Linda Tripp below, and stay tuned for more American Crime Story updates as the season continues filming.


via Collider

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