‘The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon’: Lynne Ramsay to Helm Stephen King Adaption!!

Listen, I too am still getting used to greeting each new Stephen King adaptation with excitement and not the score of The Langoliers blazing inside my head like an air raid siren. But this news? Pretty exciting! THR reports that Lynne Ramsay will direct the upcoming adaptation of The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, currently set up at Village Road Show Pictures. Ramsay is also co-writing the script with I Am Not Okay With This creator Christy Hall.

For those unaware, Ramsay was behind the brutal drama You Were Never Really Here, one of the best movies of 2018 and objectively the best film ever to feature Joaquin Phoenix beating the absolute shit out of sex predators with a hammer. Before that, Ramsay directed and co-wrote the powerhouse thriller We Need to Talk About Kevin, starring Tilda Swinton as a mother struggling with a sociopathic son. The point is, Ramsay is phenomenally talented, and tailor-made for a King movie the same way, say, Mike Flanagan is; both filmmakers seamlessly blend the horrific with the humane.

Published in 1999, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is pure, psychological King. The book follows Trisha McFarland, a nine-year-old girl who gets lost in the woods while on a hike with her mother and brother. Dehydrated and delirious, Trisha starts to hallucinate her baseball idol, Tom Gordon, as well as a monstrous beast on her tale that may or may not be real.

via Collider

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