‘Plastic Man’: A Female-Led DC Movie is in Early Development!!

It has been two years since we last heard an update on Warner Bros. PicturesPlastic Man movie, and now The Hollywood Reporter brings word that the DC project is still moving forward with Black List scribe Cat Vasko officially signing on as its new writer. The studio has also decided to take the project in a new direction and is now being developed as a female-led movie.

Warner Bros. originally enlisted Amanda Idoko to pen the DC film which was previously described as a comedy action-adventure project. It’s unclear why the studio decided to change its direction and restart the whole project.

Plastic Man was initially created by Jack Cole for Quality Comics in 1941 but was bought by DC in 1956 when Quality Comics folded. Plastic Man, a.k.a Patrick “Eel” O’Brian, was part of a gang and during a botched heist is shot while also being doused with a chemical liquid. Left for dead by the gang, Patrick awakens to find himself imbued with the power to shapeshift and stretch his body into almost anything thanks to being the most malleable man alive. The former crook eventually reforms and becomes a police officer. Plastic Man went on to join the Justice League at one point and also had his own cartoon series.

The female-led Plastic Man movie is currently in the early stages of development with DC film production president Walter Hamada and Chantal Nong overseeing for the Warner Bros.


via Coming Soon

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