‘Three Thousand Years of Longing’: George Miller’s New Movie Has Started Filming!!

Production is already underway on George Miller‘s new movie Three Thousand Years of Longing. Miller‘s follow-up to 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road was first announced back in October 2018. At the time the movie was announced, we also learned Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton would star in Miller’s movie. After some delay, filming on Three Thousand Years of Longing was supposed to begin in March 2020. (If you cast your mind back to March of this year, something else pretty major began at that time.)

Now, Deadline reports filming is well underway on Three Thousand Years of Longing. The movie has already been shooting for 20 days — approximately one-third of its planned 62-day shooting schedule. Filming is taking place in Miller‘s home country of Australia with, per Deadline, “numerous on-set COVID safety protocols” in place. Deadline also notes the cast and crew will suspend filming for the Christmas holidays before reconvening in the new year to finish filming in early spring. Plans are to have the movie ready for release in September 2021.

Details on Three Thousand Years of Longing are still scant. In 2019, we reported that Miller described the movie as the “anti-Mad Max“: “One thing I can tell you; it’s not [another Fury Road]. It’s a movie that is very strong visually, but it’s almost the opposite of Fury Road. It’s almost all interior and there’s a lot of conversation in it. There are action scenes, but they are, by the by, and I guess you could say it’s the anti-Mad Max.”

The movie has a $60 million budget and, as Deadline‘s report indicates, it seems that the budget is being put to good use. The outlet spoke with Miller‘s producing partner, Doug Mitchell, who remarks the sets are “some of the most spectacular I’ve ever seen.” Even without knowing anything about the plot, Mitchell‘s comment combined with Miller‘s artistic achievements on Fury Road and that very vivid project title can encourage the mind to wander to some very exciting places.

We’ll keep you posted on Three Thousand Years of Longing as we learn more about the project.


via Collider

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