‘Avatar’ Sequels: James Cameron Reveals New Set Photos!! Check It Out!!

Even more new set photos from the set of the Avatar sequels have, unlike an actual Avatar sequel, surfaced for public consumption. This year has seen the release of a plethora of set photos teasing the upcoming Avatar sequels. However, we’re still a long ways away from actually seeing another Avatar movie. Four sequels are in various stages of production, with Avatar 2 set to arrive in December 2022 and Avatar 5 concluding the franchise in December 2028. (Yes, you read that correctly: 2028.)

Avatar producer Jon Landau initially shared the two new set photos on his Instagram and subsequently shared by director James Cameron on Instagram and Twitter. Landau captioned the photo set:

“The last set for 2020 filming —The Matador (a 50’ forward command boat) on a 16-ton, 360-degree motion-control base. Three Technocranes and a Russian Arm mounted on top of a Mercedes-Benz. Just another day on the set of the ‘Avatar’ sequels.”

Taken at a distance, the photos showcase some of the biggest and most intriguing bits of the set we’ve seen so far. In the first photo, we see a huge boat (cue the theme song to Titanic) with some actors standing on it. It’s hard to tell if these actors are members of the main cast, extras, or stands-ins. Similarly, it’s unclear how the boat will figure into the plot of the continuing Avatar story. Another photo showcased a Mercedes-Benz with a special camera rig. Just like the boat photo, it’s unclear how the Benz will play into the sequels’ story.

Avatar stars Sam Worthington and  Zoe Saldana will lead a star-studded cast in the next four Avatar movies. Among the many newcomers participating in the franchise is Kate WinsletMichelle YeohJemaine Clement, and Edie Falco. Details on the plot of Avatar 2 have been kept under wraps. However, that hasn’t stopped us here at Collider from forming our own theories about what Worthington, Saldana, Winslet, and Cliff Curtis were filming in a pool earlier this year.

Avatar 2 is expected to arrive in theaters on December 16, 2022. Check out the newest photos from the set of the Avatar sequels below.


via Collider

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