‘The Maid’: Florence Pugh Joins Upcoming Murder Mystery!!

Look, we all need Florence Pugh to solve murder mysteries, and we need it to happen as soon as possible. Luckily for us, this will be happening soon, and we will sign up to experience it as soon as possible on our end. Per Variety, Pugh will star in The Maid, an upcoming murder mystery with a lot on its mind; almost as much as Pugh has in her Instagram cooking videos.

Based on a forthcoming 2022 novel by Nita Prose (hear that, screenwriters? If you wanna get a movie made, just write a book!), Pugh stars as the titular maid, a service worker named Molly who discovers the dirty, murderous secrets of her guests at an opulent manor, and becomes directly involved in their — excuse me — clean up. The Universal film is being described as a cross between a classic Agatha Christie whodunit and the Gail Honeyman novel Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine, a psychological examination of romantic obsession, isolation, and transformation. Wow, what a cross-section of influences, and what more reason to be very, very excited about this film!

Pugh will also produce the film alongside ProseJosh McLaughlin (12 Rounds), and Chris Goldberg. The Oscar-nominated actor (for Little Women) is also in the middle of production on Don’t Worry Darling, and if she wants to continue down the path set by Midsommar and make dark, trippy, examinatory psychological thrillers with explicit genre bends that are also deconstructions of those very genres, we are, like, very here for it. We’re in the middle of both an old school murder mystery renaissance and a Pugh renaissance, and for those of those to dovetail in one dope-sounding film is cause for celebration. Black Widow who? The Maid is my superhero.


via Collider

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