‘Coming to America 2’: New Images Introduce the New Cast!! Check It Out!!

New images from Coming 2 America introduce the new characters joining Eddie Murphy’s sequel. The original Coming to America hit theaters back in 1988 during the height of Murphy’s star power and quickly became one of his most beloved comedies. It saw him play Akeem, the prince of a fictional African country called Zamunda, on a trip to America to find a wife. Despite its critical, cultural, and financial success (it’s made $288 million at the box office), a Coming to America sequel never got off the ground.

This finally started to change nearly 30 years after Coming to America‘s release. Paramount began developing the sequel in 2017, and Eddie Murphy officially agreed to return as Akeem two years later. It eventually received a Christmas 2020 release date from Paramount, but it won’t be in theaters this Christmas after all. Paramount sold the rights to Coming 2 America to Amazon, resulting in a streaming release planned for early 2021. Amazon has recently started promoting the film, sharing the first look at Murphy and Arsenio Hall back in their roles, and now the focus has turned to the new cast members.

Amazon Studios has released several new Coming 2 America images that showcase the impressive ensemble cast, led by the additions of Leslie Jones and Tracy Morgan. The photos provide the first look at their respective characters and those played by KiKi Layne, Jermaine Fowler, Wesley Snipes, and Teyana Taylor. Check out the new images below:

Story details for Coming 2 America provide some context for most of these new characters. Jermaine Fowler is playing Lavelle, a Queens native, and the American son Akeem never knew he had. Fowler is shown in what appears to be his everyday American attire and again in Zamunda royal attire. Leslie Jones is playing Lavelle’s mother, and Tracy Morgan is Lavelle’s uncle. Meanwhile, KiKi Layne is playing Akeem’s daughter Meeka Joffer. Wesley Snipes is playing General Izzi, the older brother of Princess Imani Izzi from the first film, with Teyana Taylor playing his daughter named Bopoto.

With the marketing campaign for Coming 2 America heating up, it is only a matter of time before the first trailer for the long-awaited sequel arrives. Hopefully, the footage will provide some context to these images and allow the talented comedic cast a chance to shine. So far, all we know for sure is that they’ll look great thanks to the costume design for Coming 2 America, but it’ll be nice to finally hear some of the jokes that director Craig Brewer and Murphy have in store for audiences in 2021.


via Netxess

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