Andy Samberg, Ben Stiller, Noah Hawley and ‘Palm Springs’ Writer Team for a New Apple Project!!

There’s one heck of a sci-fi stew cooking over at Apple, as THR reports Andy Samberg and his Palm Springs writer Andy Siara are teaming with producers Ben Stiller and Noah Hawley for an untitled comedy-drama project. Did that sentence not have enough names in it for you? The film is also being developed off an original idea from Bojack Horseman creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg.

The logline is being kept under wraps, but since it sprung from the head of Bob-Waksberg you can basically count on it being very funny and very devastating at the same time. This also makes Siara a fantastic choice for the script. Palm Springs, a Groundhog Day-inspired time loop comedy that dug deep into loneliness and accountability, emerged as one of the best new movies of 2020. Samberg, like he did for Palm Springs, will both star in and produce the Apple project. The search for a director is still reportedly underway, which is funny because a brief perusal of Akiva Schaffer‘s IMDB page reveals he has some free time coming up. (Oh hey, Schaffer just happened to direct Stiller in 2012’s sci-fi comedy The Watch.)

Hawley is obviously no stranger to sci-fi, directing the critically lukewarm Lucy in the Sky in 2019 and recently announcing an Alien TV series at FX with Ridley Scott. Stiller has been busy behind the camera recently, mostly for TV, nabbing an Emmy nom in 2019 for the limited series Escape at Dannemora.


via Collider

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