‘Nomadland’ Set for Feb 2021 Hulu Release!!

Nomadland asks what we really need and what it means to be human,” writes our own Matt Goldberg in his A review of the Frances McDormand-starring film. Directed by Chloé Zhao (who’s helming the upcoming MCU effort Eternals), the film has been absolutely lavished upon by critics, getting nominated for all kinds of awards and winning the prestigious Golden Lion in the process. There’s just one problem in appreciating this sure-to-be-Oscar-nominated film: How the heck, if we weren’t able to catch it at a prestigious film festival before everything shut down due to a dang pandemic, are we able to see it? Finally, we have our answer. Per Variety, Searchlight Pictures will debut the film in theaters on February 19, 2021 (after a brief IMAX run), with a simultaneous day-one Hulu release (HBO Max style!).

The film, starring McDormand as Fern, an American nomad who travels the West, also features David Strathairn (Good Night, and Good Luck.) and real-life nomads Linda May, Charlene Swankie, and Bob Wells. Zhao also wrote the screenplay, based on the non-fiction book by Jessica Bruder, and worked with her cast and DP Joshua James Richards to capture evocative images that blur the line between fiction and reality. While I’d jump at the chance to catch such an immersive film in a theater (especially an IMAX theater), I am especially grateful for the opportunity to stream this on Hulu soon, given how the current state of the pandemic makes any kind of travel, nomad-esque or not, pretty hard at the moment. Ready to find out if it’s worth the hype?

Nomadland will play in select IMAX theaters on January 29, before opening in traditional and drive-in theaters and on Hulu February 19.


via Collider

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