‘The Boys’ Season 3 Will Tackle “Herogasm” the Extremely R-Rated Storyline!!

The Amazon superhero series The Boys is a show that’s known to push the boundaries of what’s allowed on television, largely relating to its depiction of graphic violence and bloodspatter, but The Boys Season 3 may push things even further. Showrunner Eric Kripke took to Twitter recently to note that Season 3 will be tackling a storyline that people have been daring him to adapt since Day One: “Herogasm.”

Indeed, in the script page that was shared, “Herogasm” will be the sixth episode of Season 3, written by Jessica Chou. And what is “Herogasm,” you may ask? Well, in the Boys comics it’s essentially a superhero orgy.

“Herogasm” was the first of the comics’ standalone miniseries to run, as it found The Boys sneaking into Vought’s secret annual party known only as “Herogasm.” As it turns out, the event is really just an entire weekend of debauchery on a secluded island resort, packed with sex and illegal drug use.

The comics panels from this story arc are salacious to say the least – so much so we can’t show them here. But suffice it to say The Boys may hit its TV-MA rating limit when this episode airs on Amazon, depending on how far Kripke and Co. push the boundaries. Keep in mind this is a show that introduced an extremely long and protruding, uh, member in Season 2. As a goof.

But The Boys has also never been one to be a straight adaptation of the comics, which is what makes it so refreshing. Sure Kripke and the show’s writers take inspiration from what happened in the source material, but they’ve done a terrific job of making the show their own, and expanding and creating new storylines for beloved characters.

So how deep will “Herogasm” go? Will Amazon force the show to pull its punches? All will be revealed soon enough, but for now we can rest assured that when The Boys Season 3 finally airs, there is one very specific episode that will be for Adults Only.


via Collider

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