‘Pinocchio’: Luke Evans Joins the Disney+ Live-Action Reboot!!

Luke Evans has joined Robert Zemeckis’ upcoming live-action Pinocchio reboot. As reported by Deadline, Evans will play the villainous Coachman in the film, alongside Tom Hanks as the kindly old woodworker Gepetto who just kind of sends a talking puppet boy to school after it is magically brought to life by a fairy.

News of the reboot was originally announced during Disney’s whirlwind Investor Day presentation last December, where it was revealed that the film would premiere exclusively on the studio’s streaming platform Disney+. In addition to helming the feature, Zemeckis co-wrote the screenplay with Chris Weitz, who penned Kenneth Branagh’s 2015 reboot of Disney’s Cinderella and nabbed a Best Adapted Screenplay nomination for 2002’s About a Boy. Evan’s character The Coachman is arguably one of the more memorable villains in Disney’s early years, picking up delinquent children and ferrying them to Pleasure Island to be transformed into donkeys and sold off into servitude. That sequence terrified generations of kids, and Evans is sure to add a level of menacing charm to the role.

Evans is no stranger to Disney villains – his portrayal of the egotistical sociopath Gaston was the best part of the otherwise lifeless and cynical Beauty and the Beast reboot, so much so that he is reprising the character alongside Josh Gad’s LeFou in a Disney+ prequel series. It’s admittedly hard for me to get excited about Disney’s slate of live-action reboots, but the promise of Hanks and Evans is enough to get my attention. Also I can’t wait to feast my eyes on a hulking CGI Monstro.


via Collider

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