‘Paranormal Activity’: ‘Underwater’ Director to Helm Reboot!!

The Paranormal Activity films, a low-budget series of found footage shockers that began as a low-budget miracle of inventive scares before becoming an ultra-lucrative franchise for Paramount and Blumhouse, are getting some fresh blood. Per the Hollywood ReporterParanormal Activity is getting a brand new reboot to be released in 2022. Core to its creative team? A pair of hit, fresh, intriguing horror filmmakers.

Directing the Paranormal Activity will be Will Eubank, who most recently directed the Kristen Stewart underwater thriller called, well, Underwater, and also helmed the intriguing low-budget sci-fi fever dream The Signal. And writing the script will be Christopher Landon, most recently known for writing and directing the horror-comedy hybrids Happy Death Day and Freaky. Landon has been a writer and director in the Paranormal Activity franchise since the second installment, and he’s not the only veteran coming back to give it fresh blood (or as sources phrase it, an “unexpected retooling,” though it’s confirmed it will keep its found footage conceit). Jason Blum and franchise creator Oren Peli are returning as producers alongside executive producer Steven Schneider.

The last time we had a high-profile franchise reboot/legacy-tinkerer of a low-budget found footage horror was Adam Wingard‘s 2016 Blair Witch, a film that had objectively intriguing filmmaking techniques and time-bending surrealism, but over-expanded the original’s focus past the point of efficacy. I’m hoping Eubank doesn’t plan on blowing up Paranormal Activity in a similar way, but I’m also hoping Landon can mess with some of the genre conventions of the franchise as he’s been doing so expertly in his own directorial work. After all, we haven’t had a wide release found footage horror-comedy since A Haunted House. And franky? That film is underrated.

The Paranormal Activity reboot is scheduled for a March 4, 2022 release date.


via Collider

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