An Audrey Hepburn Biographical TV Series Is in the Works!!

The Good Wife writer Jacqueline Hoyt will pen the upcoming biographical series Audrey, chronicling the life and career of the five-time Academy Award nominee and one-time winner Audrey Hepburn, according to Variety. Italy’s Wildside — the Fremantle company known for We Are Who We Are and The New Pope —will produce the series based on a treatment by Hepburn‘s son, Luca Dotti, and journalist Luigi Spinola.

While details remain scarce, the show will highlight Hepburn’s formative years instead of her later celebrity. Hepburn remains best known for her now-iconic turns in ‘50s and ‘60s triumphs like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Roman Holiday and Sabrina. Hailed for her grace and effervescence, Hepburn brought sophistication and relatability into perfect harmony with each performance. Hepburn went on to set the standard for ‘60s fashion, revolutionizing the very concept of glamour.

Hepburn was also quite the philanthropist during her lifetime. She became a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF in 1988 and took home the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at the 1993 Oscars. Yet, her history as a Hollywood A-lister tends to outshine her various altruistic international efforts. Hepburn died in 1993 after a battle with colon cancer.

Though many documentaries about Hepburn exist, the tragedies the actor faced growing up remain largely unexplored. For one, she spent her childhood in the Netherlands under Nazi occupation in World War II, according to Harper’s Bazaar. The malnutrition she experienced during this time permanently stunted her growth and contributed to the petite body that became inextricably linked to her famed identity.

Hepburn dreamed of becoming a ballerina, but such hopes never came to fruition, and she went down the modeling and acting route instead. Audrey will reportedly take the time to venture down such previously unexplored roads, providing insight into the woman who predated the icon.

Speaking of the upcoming series, Fremantle COO Andrea Scrosati shared, “For Audrey our goal is once again to produce a show that is born locally to deliver globally. The creative team assembled by Wildside and the IP are perfectly positioned to make this happen.”

Wildside CEO Mario Gianani and Lorenzo Gangarossa will executive produce alongside Ludovica Damiani, who originated the project. Dotti and Spinola will also serve as executive producers. There is still no word on which lucky actress will get to play Hepburn or when the TV series will premiere, so stay tuned to Collider for more info on this project.


via Collider

3 responses to “An Audrey Hepburn Biographical TV Series Is in the Works!!

  1. I Think Tuppence Middleton would be great choice for Audrey Hepburn In the upcoming biographical series Audrey


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