Damian Lewis, and More Pay Tribute to the Late Helen McCrory!!

This past week, actress Helen McCrory, best known for her roles in the Harry Potter film franchise as well as shows like Peaky Blinders and Penny Dreadful, died at the age of 52 after a battle with cancer. Since her passing, many have taken to social media to share their love of the actress and her work, including those celebrities who worked with her throughout her career. McCrory‘s husband Damian Lewis first shared the news on social media of her passing.

Lewis also penned a beautiful piece in McCrory’s honor for The Sunday Times, writing: “She always asked people how they were, always took an interest, made each person she met feel special, as though they were the only person in the room. Gave them her full attention. Made them laugh, always. There were few funnier people — she was funny as hell. … Her ability to be in the present and enjoy the moment was inspirational. Nor was she interested in navel-gazing. No real interest in self-reflection; she believed in looking out, not in. Which is why she was able to turn her light so brightly on others.”

For many fans, McCory was our Narcissa Malfoy in the Harry Potter series, mother of Draco Malfoy and starring opposite Jason Isaacs as Lucius. Isaacs also shared his memories of the late actress: “I found out she was also scabrously funny, shockingly naughty, and with an empathetic heart the size of a planet. As continually starstruck as I was on the Harry Potter films, being screen-married to and giggle with the great Helen McCrory will always be a highlight.”

Matt Lucas posted his own heartfelt eulogy to McCrory on Twitter, writing: “Helen McCrory will be remembered not just for her remarkable stage and screen performances, but also for her selflessness and generosity. She and Damian were the motor driving FeedNHS, working tirelessly during the pandemic to raise millions for others. What a tremendous loss.”

Other celebrities shared their love for McCrory, like Rocketman star Taron Egerton who shared a lengthy tribute on Instagram about starring opposite her in his very first theater role: “I played a teenage boy who was besotted with her. It wasn’t difficult; she was kind, funny, awe-inspiringly talented and was full of so much life.” McCrory‘s Peaky Blinders co-star Cillian Murphy also wrote a statement of his own obtained by The Hollywood Reporter:

“I am broken-hearted to lose such a dear friend. Helen was a beautiful, caring, funny, compassionate human being. She was also a gifted actor — fearless and magnificent. She elevated and made humane every scene, every character she played. It was a privilege to have worked with this brilliant woman, to have shared so many laughs over the years. I will dearly miss my pal. My love and thoughts are with Damian and her family.”

McCrory was an actress that brought so many brilliant characters to life throughout the years, and her passing is one that has impacted so many of us deeply.


via Collider

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