‘The Flash’: Andy Muschietti Reveals New Official Logo as Production Begins!! Check It Out!!

After years of uncertainty, The Flash is finally headed to production under the guise of horror director Andy Muschietti, who announced the first day of filming with a flashy title treatment via his Instagram account. The Ezra Miller-led project will see the scarlet speedster helm his own film in a reality-bending story inspired by the Flashpoint comics arc.

Muschietti confirmed the start of principal photography by posting the official logo of the highly-anticipated project accompanied by a bit of flashy music. Also, if you look closely, the announcement video features the inclusion of Barry Allen’s brand-new supersuit, one that replicates his clean, smooth look from the comics. After sporting a prototype outfit in Justice League and blue electricity, The Flash will feature the speedster using his signature yellow lightning and a classic logo to go along with the new costume.

Although plot details remain murky, It director Muschietti is looking to adapt a heavily modified version of the Flashpoint storyline from a screenplay by Birds of Prey scribe Christina Hodson. The filmmakers aim to bring the ambitious project to life after years of development, which looks to include multiverse elements and the introduction of all-new heroes to the DCEU. It’s highly speculated that the film will set the universe on a clearer path after Joss Whedon’s Justice League performed less-than-desirably at the box office and put the superhero’s team cinematic future in doubt.

Joining Miller on the adventure is Michael Keaton’s Batman from another dimension, while Ben Affleck is also slated to make his return as the caped crusader. Portraying Barry Allen’s parents will be recently-cast Ron Livingston and Y tu mamá también’s Maribel Verdú as Henry and Nora Allen, respectively. Kiersey Clemons joins the crew as Iris West, the romantic interest for Barry Allen, while Sasha Calle makes her debut as Supergirl. Rounding out the supporting cast are Saoirse-Monica Jackson and Rudy Mancuso in unknown roles.

The Flash is currently on pace for a November 4, 2022 release. Check out Muschietti‘s original Instagram post below:


via Collider

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