‘Legends of Tomorrow’: New Season 6 Trailer Adds Animation into the Mix!! Check It Out!!

Legends of Tomorrow is a weird show, there’s no doubt about that. Somehow, the show manages to raise the stakes in a totally bonkers new trailer for season 6 that pays homage to classic sci-fi B-movies from the ‘60s and ‘70s, right down to using the ‘70s Warner Bros. logo. As Caity Lotz’s Sara Lance says in the trailer, “I’ve seen weird, but this is weird.”

Just how weird does the trailer get? Well, how about a Baby Yoda-like alien? A space singing competition show? Oh, I know. How about an entire episode animated like a ‘90s Disney movie, complete with what looks like Constantine turning into a Chernabog-like monster?

In an interview with EW, co-showrunner Phil Klemmer teases the plot of season 6 and what exactly is going on with the aliens. According to Klemmer, the big bad is Bishop (played by The Vampire Diaries’ Raffi Barsoumian), a “mad genius with a god complex” who wants Sara to be his partner in order to save humanity, or so says Bishop. This being Sara, she tries to escape, and in the process, she lets a bunch of aliens loose in the timeline that the Legends will have to deal with.

What sort of cuckoo bananas situations will the Legends get into this time? As the trailer shows, the standout is likely to be the Disney-animation episode, which Klemmer wanted to be so faithful to the real thing, they apparently went and hired a bunch of Disney animators from the ‘90s to make it look like the real thing. In addition, Klemmer teases everything from a Clue episode “based on a one-night, ultimate Werewolf-like card game come to life,” as well as an episode set “in the world of a fictional sitcom starring an Alf-like alien, only in our case it’s an actual alien.”

If Legends of Tomorrow is to surpass the incredible channel-hopping episode from last season, these are good places to start. Disney+’s Loki may be selling itself on time-travel shenanigans, but this trailer for Legends of Tomorrow does a pretty stellar job of reminding audiences what the truly craziest and weirdest superhero show on TV really is.

Legends of Tomorrow season 6 premieres May 2 on the CW.


via Collider

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