‘The Irregulars’ Canceled By Netflix!!!

Netflix has canceled The Irregulars after the supernatural crime drama show’s eight-episode first season, which just premiered on March 26. Set in London during the Victorian era, The Irregulars centered around a group of teenagers working as investigators for Dr. John Watson and Sherlock Holmes. The series is loosely based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Baker Street Irregulars, who make appearances in three of the author’s renowned Sherlock Holmes stories.

Despite earlier reports stating that The Irregulars would be back for season 2, Netflix has elected not to renew the series, according to Deadline. This decision comes after The Irregulars beat out The Falcon and the Winter Soldier to top Nielsen’s weekly U.S. streaming chart. The Irregulars amassed 643 million minutes of viewing while The Falcon and the Winter Soldier garnered 628 million minutes of viewing; however, this could be because The Irregulars had aired five more episodes than The Falcon and the Winter Soldier at the time of the chart’s release.

Tom Bidwell created The Irregulars, which starred Thaddea Graham as Bea, the group’s strong-willed leader. The crime-solving team also included Spike (McKell David), Billy (Jojo Macari), Leopold (Harrison Osterfield), and Bea’s younger sister, Jessie (Darci Shaw). Additionally, Royce Pierreson played Dr. Watson and Henry Lloyd-Hughes played Sherlock Holmes. While The Irregulars may be joining Girlboss and Disjointed on the list of Netflix original shows to get canceled after just one season, the drama series did score a solid 78% average from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, which is a number those associated with the show can be proud of.


via Screen Rant

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