‘Snake Eyes’: First Images Tease the ‘G.I. Joe’ Origin Film!! Check It Out!!

The first images from the G.I. Joe origin film Snake Eyes have been released, which give us a first look at Henry Golding as the katana-wielding ninja soldier. Entertainment Weekly was the first to publish the images, together with a lengthy interview with producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who talks about the decision of showing the character before he put the helmet and lost the ability to speak.

The first set of images show a lot of Golding, which shows him training with the sword Morning Light. The images also show him trapped inside a cage that seems to be used for some kind of combat, and there’s also a close-up of Golding’s face, beaten and bloodied. All these images feature Golding before becoming Snake Eyes and putting on the ninja helmet he usually displays. As Bonaventura explains, the possibility of making an origin story allows the creative team more freedom to explore the character before he’s a part of G.I. Joe, which means we’ll also hear Snake Eyes speak, a first for the mute character.

Golding‘s Snake Eyes is not the only member of the cast featured in these first images. These new photos also reveal Andrew Koji’s Storm Shadow, standing menacingly under the rain. In G.I. Joe’s canon, Storm Shadow is a member of the Arashikage ninja clan who trains with Snake Eyes before they become enemies. According to Bonaventura, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow’s complicated love-hate relationship is the focus of the new movie, before both ninjas are recruited.

The images also present us with Haruka Abe’s Akiko, a new character created for the movie, ready to battle with a staff. Samara Weaving’s Scarlett, who becomes a teammate to Snake Eyes, is shown pointing out a gun towards the screen. Finally, Úrsula Corberó shows up dressed as The Baroness, a classic Cobra villain.

Snake Eyes is scheduled for release on July 23. Check out the first images from Snake Eyes below:


via Collider

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