‘Women of the Movement’: ABC Unveils First Teaser for the Upcoming Limited Series!! Check It Out!!

ABC has released the first teaser trailer for their upcoming limited-series drama Women of the Movement. The series will bring to life the struggles of a family who suffers a tragic death in the 1955 Jim Crow South. Mamie Till-Mobley (played by Adrienne Warren) lights yet another spark in the U.S. Civil Rights movement when she refuses to let her son’s murder disappear from the national headlines.

The teaser starts with shots of Mamie rocking her newborn son and staring at him lovingly. In the blink of an eye, Emmett Till (played by Cedric Joe) is grown up and buying a round-trip train ticket to Mississippi. A female voice-over warns a smiling Till that “Mississippi is not like Chicago; white folks are gonna treat you different. That’s just the way that it is.” The teaser ends with Till jumping into a clear lake, gazing back up at the surface with a subtle look of fear on his face. In addition to Warren and JoeWomen of the Movement also stars Tonya PinkinsRay FisherGlynn TurmanChris CoyCarter Jenkins, and Julia McDermott.

The true story that the series is based on revolves around the tragic lynching of 14-year-old Emmett Till in 1955. Locals became aggravated after Till had a friendly conversation with a white woman in a grocery store and, a few days later, brutally murdered him. His killers were later acquitted, leading his mother and other civil rights activists to seek justice. Just three months later,  the Montgomery bus boycotts began, signaling the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement.

ABC has announced that Women of the Movement will air 6 episodes starting in late 2021 and running into early 2022. Check out the first trailer for Women of the Movement below.


via Collider

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