Jonah Hill to Play Hollywood Fixer Sidney Korshak in New Limited Series!!

Jonah Hill is teaming up with William Monahan to bring the story of Sidney Korshak and Lew Wasserman to a new miniseries. According to Deadline, Hill is set to play Korshak with Monahan creating the series about the man who was known as one of Hollywood’s “fixers” as well as MCA chairman Wasserman and how he grew into his status as the most powerful man in Hollywood.

Hill is set as executive producer alongside his Strong Baby partners Matt Dines and Ali Goodwin, LBI/Expanded Media and Monahan, Mark Canton, and Celebrands CEO Allen Shapiro. The team has optioned the Dennis McDougal book about Wasserman titled The Last Mogul, and McDougal will also be an EP on the project.

According to Deadline, the story will focus on Wasserman’s creation of the talent agent system as we know it today and his partnership with Korshak. Stories like this, exploring the history of Hollywood and how it factored into the world as we know it today can be hit or miss. In recent years, we’ve taken to seeing revisionist histories of Hollywood like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood or glorifying aspects of the industry and Los Angeles in movies like La La Land. But Hill does have a tendency to be brutally honest with his work, so this collaboration with Monahan seems like a great fit — especially since they are aiming to have the project having the same epic sweep as Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman and The Departed (which Monahan wrote). And given Hill and Monahan’s separate working history with Scorsese, it’ll be interesting to see how they’re influenced by the director.

The series will be packaged and shopped shortly, but it is an exciting look into Hollywood and with this team behind it, it’s bound to have an amazing cast and story. Hill has slowly proven himself as one of our great performers, and getting to see his take on Korshak will certainly set the tone for the project.


via Collider

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