‘Snyder School’: Zack Snyder Teaches Filmmaking in New Netflix YouTube Series!!

Netflix has launched the first episode of its new YouTube series, Snyder School, in which blockbuster filmmaker Zack Snyder takes viewers through his creative process in making a film. From screenwriting and storyboarding to editing and advanced post-production, the four-episode series will be released weekly on the Netflix Film Club YouTube channel.

Snyder School is the first in a series from Netflix called How to Make Movies. The broader series will feature mini shows similar to Snyder School that delve into the process and art of filmmaking. Netflix has not revealed what other filmmakers may host their own series in the future.

The first episode of Snyder School focuses on the thought process behind the opening title sequence of the director’s latest film, Army of the Dead. Discussing narrative foreshadowing, text placement, stylistic decisions, concept art, programs, and more, the 13-minute video has Snyder using footage from his films for reference. Despite mixed reviews, Army of the Dead contains many of Snyder’s usual stylistic choices he’s utilized in other films, such as Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Man of Steel, and 300, making it a solid blueprint to use to teach those interested in hearing more about what makes a Snyder film unique. Snyder fans will find more than a few interesting insights into the making of some of their favorite action movies.

The first episode of Snyder School is up now. The second episode, “Lights, Camera, Action,” which focuses on cinematography and shooting action scenes, will be released on May 27. “Making the Cut,” which will discuss post-production, comes out on June 1, while the final episode, “World Building,” about creating an entire cinematic universe, will be released on June 7.

Snyder School’s first episode is now live on the Netflix Film Club YouTube channel. The following videos will focus on cinematography, choreography, editing, color, sound, and world-building. Check out the first episode below.


via Collider

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