‘Kevin Can F**k Himself’: New Trailer Breaks the Domestic Sitcom Mold!! Check It Out!!

Annie Murphy shines in the latest trailer for Kevin Can F**k Himself, giving us a look into Allison McRoberts and her struggles with her husband, Kevin (Eric Petersen). Everyone fell in love with Murphy through her portrayal of Alexis Rose on Schitt’s Creek, which earned Murphy an Emmy award, but Allison is not the effervescent woman that Alexis was — and I absolutely love it.

Reminding us of the nonsense women in sitcoms go through with their husbands, Kevin Can F*** Himself is following in WandaVision’s footsteps and breaking down the narrative in these shows for a modern audience.

This trailer shows Allison’s journey from breaking out of her sitcom mold to planning on killing her husband Kevin, and the use of switching back and forth between the realities is going to be fascinating to see play out. So often, we watch sitcoms and see women like Leah Remini on The King of Queens have to deal with utter nonsense that their TV husbands embark on — normally at their expense, and always with some sort of “happy ending” where the wife just grins and bears it. Sometimes, they are even seen as the butt of the joke, to make matters that much worse.

Based on the trailer, Allison refuses to come to terms with being second fiddle to Kevin’s needs, and her reclaiming her identity away from her husband in this trailer is a refreshing look at TV sitcoms, the “wife” role, and how we perceive these characters who often don’t have an arc of their own.

Kevin Can F*** Himself heads to AMC+ this June 20. Watch the new trailer below:


via Collider

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