‘Rodney and Sheryl’: Chloe Okuno to Direct Anna Kendrick led True Story of a Serial Killer on ‘The Dating Game’!!

Get to know the name Chloe Okuno, an up-and-coming filmmaker who is making her way around the horror genre. She has an A24 movie in the works, a Stephen King adaptation, and just completed pandemic principle photography on both Bloody Disgusting’s V/H/S/94 and the full-length feature Stranger for Spooky Pictures.

Next up is a whopper based on one helluva crazy true story that many of us most likely have never heard about.

Okuno is next directing the true-crime thriller, Rodney & Sheryl, for Netflix that stars Anna Kendrick as a woman who selected a real-life serial killer on TV’s “The Dating Game”, writes Deadline.

“The killer, Rodney Alcala, was in the midst of a killing spree in 1978 when he brazenly took part in the show. Kendrick will play Cheryl Bradshaw, the contestant.”

Adds the site: On the show — you can watch the creepy snippets below — Bradshaw asked Alcala questions like, “I’m serving you for dinner. What are you called and what do you look like?” Alcala responded to the latter, saying, “I’m called the banana and I look good.” “Can you be a little more descriptive?” Bradshaw asked Alcala. “Peel me,” he said, and the audience laughed.

The package is built around Ian MacAllister McDonald’s Black List script. The script revolves around the events of the game show. Horror vets Roy Lee and Miri Yoon are producing for Vertigo Entertainment, along with J.D. Lifshitz and Raphael Margules for BoulderLight Pictures. Russ Posternak, Industry Entertainment’s Andrew Deane and Stephen Crawford, and Kendrick will be the exec producers.


via Bloody Disgusting

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