‘Revolution Rent’ Trailer Teases the Upcoming Documentary!! Check It Out!!

HBO Max has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming documentary Revolution Rent before the film’s release on June 15, and it already looks to be a reflection on what it means to give all of yourself over to a theater production. Directed by Andy Señor Jr. and Victor Patrick Alvarez, it follows Señor himself as he returns to his homeland of Cuba. It is there that he will attempt to put on the first commercial American production performed in Havana in over 50 years.

Putting on a production is no easy feat on its own. For any who have been both unfortunate and fortunate enough to do so, you know it takes an incredible amount of work. That means rehearsing and rehearsing until everything is absolutely perfect, only to discover you could lose power right when you need it most.

For Señor, the film is also a deeply personal one as the documentary says it will explore his Cuban heritage and his family’s own complex relationship to the country they love. Señor had previously starred in the Broadway production of Jonathan Larson’s Rent in the late 90s, where he played Angel. The return to the story from a different location, both as a director and as a person, means the work is instilled with a deeply personal connection for the artist.

“When we began working on the production of ‘Rent’ in Cuba and documenting the journey along the way, I had no idea how the story would unfold and that our documentary would end up on HBO,” Señor said in a release. “I am beyond thrilled to share this deeply personal and magical moment in our lives and I’m grateful that Jonathan Larson‘s words and music are still making such an impact, 25 years later.”

His co-director shares in his passion and enthusiasm, speaking to the power of what theater can be and how it can bring us all together. “Traveling to Cuba to make this film was incredibly challenging yet rewarding in ways I never imagined,” Alvarez said. “Revolution Rent is about creativity in the face of adversity and the healing powers of human connection.”

The film is also executive produced by Neil Patrick Harris, who praised the journey that the film is set to take audiences on. “Andy and I started our Rent journey together many years ago and I was proud to see him take his talents to Cuba,” Harris said. “Revolution Rent is a continuation of our journey as well as a tribute to the power of theater and its ability to transform lives.”

The documentary will debut on Tuesday, June 15 on HBO Max in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the musical’s Broadway premiere. You can watch the full trailer for yourself below to get a peek at what the film has in store for its historic production.


via Collider

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