‘Wedding Crashers 2’ Is Closer to Happening!!

The Vince VaughnOwen Wilson comedy classic Wedding Crashers grossed nearly $300 million worldwide back in 2005, and ever since, there have been rumors of a sequel. Though Wedding Crashers 2 has yet to materialize, it does appear to be closer to happening than ever before, sources tell Collider. But let’s back up first, shall we?

Earlier this week, Production Weekly (via @Jasonosia) lit up Twitter, Reddit, and the like with a listing for Wedding Crashers 2 starring Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Isla Fisher and Rachel McAdams. According to the listing, David Dobkin would be coming back to direct from a script by Evan Susser, Van Robichaux and Rob McKittrick, and production would start this August in Puerto Rico. The aggregators had a field day, but it all seemed a little too good to be true, especially after a New Line spokesperson referred to the listing as, simply, “inaccurate.”

Collider made the editorial decision to wait a beat and let things develop, but we have since spoken to sources and learned where things currently stand, so we wanted to provide a snapshot of the project at this moment in time in an effort to sort fact from fiction.

For starters, Wedding Crashers 2 has not been greenlit by New Line. Sources say there is a script that everyone likes, and though they were tight-lipped as to who wrote the most recent draft, they did note that Dobkin has already begun to scout locations in the event the sequel is greenlit. Having said that, he does not have a deal to direct, nor are there any deals with any of the actors at this time.

As far as the cast is concerned, Vaughn and Wilson are in early discussions to reprise their roles as Jeremy Grey and John Beckwith but nothing has been finalized, and conversations with Fisher and McAdams are unlikely to begin before the two leads are locked in — and they won’t come cheap. After all, Wedding Crashers is one of the biggest hits of Vaughn‘s career, and both he and Wilson could command a significant payday, especially with Marvel‘s Loki series poised to give Wilson a major career bump.

Of course, Warner Bros. Discovery has ambitious content goals and may pony up to reunite the two stars for this sequel, whether it’s made with theaters or HBO Max in mind. That said, the original Wedding Crashers came out in 2005, so there is 16 years worth of history suggesting this sequel may never come together.

In a semi-recent interview timed to last year’s release of Eurovision, Dobkin told us why the sequel hadn’t happened yet and offered a tease of what the story could be. “Well, I’d be curious what it’d be like for guys in their late 40s who end up being single again and have to go back out in the world. What a weird, difficult, challenging story that is,” said Dobkin.

At the time, the director admitted that “we don’t have a script that we’re there with yet,” but that was a full year ago, and it seems like everyone is on the same creative page now, so to speak. It’ll likely all come down to dollars and cents, like so many hoped-for sequels throughout Hollywood history. We’ll see whether the stars align for the sequel this time around, so stay tuned to Collider for more on Wedding Crashers 2 because this one could start to heat up very soon.

A representative for New Line had no comment regarding this report.


via Collider

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