‘Tom and Jerry in New York’: New HBO Max Animated Series Gets a Trailer!! Check It Out!!

The first trailer for Tom and Jerry in New York teases the arch-nemeses’ adventures in the Big Apple. It’s been less than a week since we learned the new animated series would hit HBO Max in July, and the new trailer gives us a peek at the literal game of cat and mouse the duo will play in New York City.

The new trailer introduces Tom and Jerry’s next adventures in New York, which of course includes a lot of chasing and cartoonish violence. In the new animated series, Tom becomes a resident at the 5-star Royal Gate Hotel, with Jerry following the cat to try to get some free meals. After showing a lot of New York’s famous postcards — such as the Central Park, Broadway, and even the subway — the trailer states that the reason New York is “the city that never sleeps” is because Tom and Jerry are always causing trouble, a fitting call to one of the city’s most famous monickers. The trailer also reveals other recurring characters from the Tom and Jerry franchise will also be present in the show, as we get glimpses of Spike the Bulldog, Butch the alley cat, and Tom’s love affair Toodles Galore.

Tom and Jerry has never really gone out of fashion, with the duo’s cartoons being part of the lives of millions of people since they first showed up in 1940. Nevertheless, this has been a good year for the franchise, as its live-action/CGI hybrid Tom and Jerry movie — released last February — had significant success for pandemic standards, with a box office of $118 million even though the film was available from day one on HBO Max. A new animated series also gives Tom and Jerry the opportunity to have some unique adventures and reach yet another generation.

Tom and Jerry in New York is slated to debut Thursday, July 1 on HBO Max. Check the new trailer below.

Here’s Tom and Jerry in New York’s official synopsis:

Everybody’s favorite animated Cat & Mouse have moved to the big city, where Tom is the resident mouser at the 5-star Royal Gate Hotel and Jerry is the up-to-no-good resident mouse. In the first batch of new episodes, Tom and Jerry invade a department store after dark, Jerry helps an elephant hiding in a museum exhibit escape Tom, and hi-flying hijinks ensue when Tom and Jerry go kiting in the park. These and more chaotic misadventures are in store for the iconic frenemies as they continue their wild cat and mouse chase through New York City’s concrete jungle!


via Collider

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