‘Godzilla Singular Point’: Netflix Sets June 24 as Release Date for Anime!!

While a Godzilla movie is still hitting milestones at the box office, but there is a new Kaiju challenger approaching, in animated form. Netflix has announced the global release date for the highly anticipated Godzilla Singular Point, and it is coming out this week!

Godzilla Singular Point is directed by Atsushi Takahashi, who worked as an assistant director on Spirited Away, and written by sci-fi author Toh Enjoe, Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke‘s Eiji Yamamori did the Kaiju designs, while Blue Exorcist creator Kazue Kato handles the human characters. The show comes from a partnership between studio BONES (My Hero Academia, Fullmetal Alchemist) and Orange (Beastars, Land of the Lustrous) combining hand-drawn and CG animation.

Not only does Godzilla Singular Point boast an impressive crew, but it also looks and sounds fantastic. The show follows a grad student and an engineer who find themselves leading the fight against a mysterious force that may destroy the world. The anime draws from the entire history of Godzilla, proven by the inclusion of Jet Jaguar, a rather obscure character in Toho‘s long-running franchise. Fans of Kaijus who wanted a bit more weirdness in the live-action movies will have a lot to look forward to once the anime gets fully into hard science fiction.

Godzilla Singular Point is just the latest attempt by Netflix to tell stories within the Godzilla mythos, after the rather disappointing Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters trilogy. Based on the people involved, and some of the reviews out of Japan, we might finally get a good Godzilla animated project.

While the anime premiered in Japan all the way back in March, Netflix tends to take a few months before they release their anime shows. Thankfully, it won’t be long until we get to see Jet Jaguar kick some Kaiju ass when Godzilla Singular Point drops on Netflix June 24.


via Collider

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