‘Sing 2’ Gets New Character Posters!! Check It Out!!

With a teaser trailer coming out tomorrow, Illumination‘s new animated film, Sing 2, has unveiled new character posters showcasing the animated animal stars of the film. Buster Moon, voiced by Matthew McConaughey, and his all-star cast of performers, will launch their most dazzling stage extravaganza yet. However, on the way, they will first need to convince a reclusive rock star to take the stage with them.

The original Sing garnered massive success upon its release. Buster Moon successfully turned New Moon Theater into a hit; however, he is now eying the bigger prize of debuting a show at Crystal Tower Theater in the fabulous Redshore City. With the help of his talented friends, including harried mother pig Rosita, voiced by Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon, rocker porcupine Ash voiced by Scarlett Johansson, shy elephant Meena voiced by Tori Kelley, and porcine provocateur Gunter voiced by Nick Kroll, the cast will have to sneak into the offices of Crystal Tower Theater. The only catch, it’s run by a ruthless and mean mogul wolf Jimmy Crystal, voiced by Emmy Winner Bobby Cannavale.

Sing 2 is written and directed by filmmaker Garth Jennings, who also wrote and directed the original film, and will also feature additional new characters including superstar Pharrell Williams, Black Panther’s Letitia Wright, and comedians Eric Andre and Chelsea Peretti. Also making his animated debut is U2 lead singer Bono, who will play the rock star legend lion Clay Calloway, while Halsey will play Calloway’s spoiled daughter, Porsha.

Sing 2 will be released on December 22, 2021. Check out the new posters for Sing 2 below, featuring the characters voiced by McConaughey, Bono, Kelly, Witherspoon, and Taron Egerton.


via Collider

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