‘Shattered:’ John Malkovich, Frank Grillo Join Action Thriller; First Image Revealed!! Check It Out!!

Shattered, a new action-thriller from director Luis Prieto, has just been given a first image and an official cast announcement. Lilly Krug (Every Breath You Take) and Cameron Monaghan (Shameless) headline the film, with John Malcovich (Being John Malkovich), Frank Grillo (The Purge: Anarchy), Sasha Luss (Anna), Ash Santos (American Horror Story), and Ridley Bateman (Shelter in Place). The first image for the film shows Monaghan in crutches and Luss excited about a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The film is written by David Loughery, whose other screenwriting credits include 2009’s Obsessed and 2019’s The Intruder. Since director Prieto, who directed 2017’s Halle Berry-vehicle Kidnap, has a fairly similar filmography in terms of content as screenwriter Loughery, the two seem like a match made in heaven.

Shattered is currently in post-production and is expected to be done sometime in the fall. The film tells the story of a rich divorcee named Chris (Monaghan) who falls in love with Sky (Krug), a mysterious woman who is not at all who she seems to be. After Chris becomes injured and is confined to his home, Sky becomes his caretaker. Soon, Chris realizes that his beau has set him up and he becomes trapped inside his technologically advanced home with someone whose intentions are nefarious. Chris’s ex-wife and child eventually become involved in the sick game, and a desperate fight for survival will most likely ensue.

Malkovich spoke very positively about his experience with the film, saying:

“The opportunity to come on board as a producer alongside Veronica, Claudia and Luis was not to be missed, and I’m so happy to have been able to support an emerging talent as exciting as Lilly in her first leading role. Working with Luis was an absolute pleasure; he’s a filmmaker with true independent spirit and the footage looks like a modern-day Misery meeting A Simple Favor.”

Check out the first image and official synopsis from Shattered below:

“Divorcee Chris Decker is a wealthy venture capitalist who lives in a high-tech house of his own design in Montana, protected physically and emotionally from the outside world. His life changes when he meets Sky, a beautiful, mysterious young woman who draws him out of his shell. Love is in the air … or is it? After Chris is injured in a violent mugging, Sky moves in to take care of him, and her true agenda is soon revealed. Chris has become the victim of an elaborate heist and is suddenly a prisoner in his own home, cut off from help and at the mercy of a violent and psychologically disturbed killer, who intends to take everything from him – including his life. When Chris’s ex-wife and child show up, the stakes are heightened as the deadline to their collective death sentence becomes simultaneously shorter. The only guarantee of survival is to escape.”


via Collider

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