‘American Horror Stories’ Teaser Trailer Previews the New Anthology!! Check It Out!!

The first teaser trailer for American Horror Stories, the spinoff of Ryan Murphy‘s popular horror series, has made its horrifying debut.

This quick teaser hints at some of the horrors that we can expect from the new anthology series. This trailer features quite a bit of imagery reminiscent of the first season of American Horror Story. We follow a woman in latex who ends up entering a house that looks suspiciously like the Murder House that was prominent in the show’s debut season. Once inside the house, we see several doorways and hallways full of horrors. There is a multi-armed creature climbing on the ceiling, a disturbing-looking operating room, disconcerting baby cries, and a weird guy running down a hallway with what looks to be an ax. Classic Murphy!

American Horror Stories will feature seven episodes, with each episode telling a new horror story. Murphy revealed on his Instagram that the series will feature Kevin McHale (Glee), Dyllón Burnside (Pose), Charles Melton (Riverdale), and Nico Greetham (The Prom), whom he dubbed “The Fantastic Four.” Also confirmed for this new anthology series is Danny Trejo, making his AHS debut. Melton previously appeared in American Horror Story: Hotel, and while it’s unclear if this new spinoff will feature return characters or go back to past seasons of American Horror Story, this first teaser does make it look like we could see some old familiar faces and areas again, even if it is just for an episode.

This summer will also see the debut of American Horror Story‘s tenth season, Double Feature, which will air once American Horror Stories has concluded its run. American Horror Stories debuts with its first two episodes on Hulu on July 15. Check out the first teaser for American Horror Stories below.


via Collider

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