‘Behind the Music’ Trailer Reveals the Paramount+ Revival!! Check It Out!!

Paramount+ is bringing back Behind the Music, the iconic documentary series from VH1. Produced by MTV Entertainment Studios, Behind the Music will bring back some of the best episodes from the original series, remastered and updated for today’s audiences, while also releasing entirely new one-on-one artist interviews with some of the biggest names in the music industry.

Originally known as VH1’s Behind the Music, the series ran from 1997 to 2014, interviewing hundreds of artists during its 274 episodes. The original series tried to please fans of all kinds by featuring artists coming from different musical backgrounds. From the reboot trailer, it looks like Paramount+ will keep the tradition by mixing great names of rock, pop, and hip-hop in the first installment of the new series.

Artists and air dates confirmed for the first installment of Behind the Music include:

● Ricky Martin: July 29

● LL Cool J: July 29

● Huey Lewis: August 5

● Busta Rhymes: August 12

● Duran Duran: August 19

● New Kids On The Block: August 26

● Bret Michaels: September 2

● Fat Joe: September 9

The rebooted Behind the Music will follow the same format as the original series by inviting artists to discuss the highs and lows of their careers while revealing the music industry’s secrets to the public. A second installment will be released on a future date, with the confirmed presence of Jennifer Lopez and other superstars that are yet to be revealed.

All Behind the Music episodes will debut exclusively on Paramount+ every Thursday, starting with a double episode on July 29. Check the new season trailer below.


via Collider

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