‘Rocky IV’ Director’s Cut: Sylvester Stallone Confirms November 11 as Release Date!!

Sylvester Stallone took to Instagram to announce the release date for his quarantine project, a Rocky IV director’s cut. Here’s what the post said: “Wonderful pre poster Done by John Rivoli. ROCKY VS DRAGO Is Coming your way November 11th. Keep punching. @mgmstudios @john_rivoli.” Last June, Stallone revealed that he was working on this director’s cut, and it will finally be available in just a few months.

The post includes an original poster in the style of old boxing advertisements, showing Rocky landing a punch on one of the great villains of the series, Ivan Drago. While details regarding the actual content of the director’s cut are largely unknown, Stallone has said it will be “amazing.” In addition, the actor-director has been teasing various clips and information throughout the year via his Instagram, including an outtake of him both acting with Dolph Lundgren and directing at the same time.

It will be interesting to see how Rocky IV may be improved, as Rocky all but ends the Cold War single-handedly by the end of the film. A perfect clash of 1980’s cheese, political intrigue, and superhuman endurance, the fourth entry into the beloved Rocky series may just be the best in the eyes of some fans. It represents the unrelenting heart of the Italian Stallion and some of the best fist-pumping moments that have kept audiences coming back to the series for decades.

More interestingly, however, is that Rocky IV played a crucial role in the last entry in the Rocky universe, Creed 2. Centering around a match between Creed and Drago’s son, the movie sees Rocky and Drago face off again — this time as coaches behind the ropes. Creed 2 heavily pulled from events from Rocky IV, making the 1985 film almost required viewing before seeing the next chapter in Adonis Creed’s life. Depending on how much footage Stallone’s director’s cut of Rocky IV adds, removes, or edits differently, it could add different subtext to the performances in Creed 2 upon rewatching.

The director’s cut for Rocky IV will hit theaters November 11. Check out Stallone’s full Instagram post below.

via Collider

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