‘The Suicide Squad’: James Gunn Reveals DC Characters Who Almost Appeared!!

James Gunn revealed which DC characters almost got to star in The Suicide Squad. A lot of people wonder how DC goes about choosing some of the faces that end up in these ensemble movies. The director was more than happy to oblige when it came to the team’s lineup. On Twitter, he tossed out some images of beloved DC Comics villains and fans are having too much fun going through the pictures to identify some of the wilder submissions. So far, we have identified: Livewire, Man-Bat, Chemo, KG Beast, Knockout, Gunhawk, Mr. Freeze, Killer Frost, Deathstroke, Black Spider, Solomon Grundy, Punch & Jewelee, and Rainbow Creature. Clearly, Gunn got some use out of that DC compendium with a ton of the characters included. Maybe the best part of his post is the fact that he’s open to using some of these in his next go-around.

Recently, the Guardians of the Galaxy director spoke to Total Film about why he made some of the selections. For one of the most overlooked villains, it was just the perfect fit.

“Polka-Dot Man is great,” Gunn told Total Film. “I went and looked online, ‘Who’s the dumbest DC character of all time?’ and it was Polka-Dot Man. We’ve turned that character who’s a sad, pathetic character into a character who’s depressed because people think he’s stupid. He has a very tragic story that you learn about throughout the film – to be able to add depth to characters who are thought of as the silliest is a fun thing for me to do.”

via Comic Book

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