Deadpool Enters the MCU in ‘Free Guy’ Trailer Reaction Video Featuring Korg!! Check It Out!!

Deadpool is finally making his way into the MCU, by way of… a YouTube video with Korg? Having recently been acquired by Disney, the Fox-owned superhero (played by Ryan Reynolds) has teamed up with Taika Waititi’s beloved comedic relief from Thor: Ragnarok to react to the trailer for Reynolds’ newest film, Free Guy, also produced by Fox.

The video, uploaded to Reynolds’ official YouTube channel, is a parody of the popular “reaction” video trends, where content creators record themselves watching trailers, music videos, and other popular content, often with overblown reactions. While not overblown, Deadpool and Korg are as in-character as ever, with Waititi’s rock monster bouncing his cheery commentary off of the disfigured mercenary’s snark and sarcasm.

Deadpool doesn’t seem terribly happy to be stuck on a couch with Korg, stating that “apparently everyone else was too busy over on Disney+.” (He doesn’t seem particularly enthused about the trailer, either. Typical Deadpool.) The two riff back and forth as the video cuts from them to the trailer and back again, including Deadpool hoping they don’t “fridge” Jodie Comer’s Molotov Girl, referring to the trope of hurting or killing female characters to motivate male protagonists — “also known as Deadpool 2”, according to the man himself.

The duo also gets a peek at the first footage of Waititi’s villain, Antoine, who Korg proclaims looks “quite nice, actually”. Deadpool does not seem to be of the same mindset, either about Antoine or Reynolds’ own character, Guy, who he apparently thinks has a “punchable” face. The video ends in traditional Deadpool fashion, with the red-suited vigilante asking Korg for advice on how to get into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After a long spiel about chasing your dreams and checking your emails from Korg, Deadpool seems completely unamused, saying he “prefers Dark World”, where Korg (or a character like him) technically made his first appearance in the MCU… without saying anything, and being unceremoniously smashed to bits by Thor. Unsurprising, considering Deadpool’s penchant for violence.

Free Guy is directed by Shawn Levy, with a screenplay by Matt Lieberman and Zak Penn, and also stars Joe Keery, Lil Rel Howery, and Utkarsh Ambudkar. The film will premiere in theaters (not on streaming, as the video pronounces) on August 13. Check out Deadpool and Korg’s reactions to the trailer below:


via Collider

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