‘Anansi Boys’: Amazon Announces New Neil Gaiman Adaption!!

After the amazing news that there will be a second season of Good Omens, Amazon is bringing yet another TV adaptation of a Neil Gaiman novel to life with Anansi Boys. Gaiman will write the six-episode limited series, which is part of his overall deal with Amazon Studios, and revealed the show’s first poster via Twitter today.

Sir Lenny Henry, who co-writes the series, is also currently working on Amazon‘s Lord of the Rings adaptation. Henry, Douglas Mackinnon, Hanelle M. Culpepper, Hilary Bevan Jones, and Richard Fee will serve as executive producers.

Anansi Boys follows our hero Charlie Nancy, who discovers that his estranged and recently deceased father is actually Anansi, the West African trickster god of stories. He also finds out he has a twin brother named Spider, who enjoys an interesting but dangerous life and wants Charlie to join him. Gaiman was inspired to write the story from a conversation he had with Henry, with a diverse storyline based in Caribbean and African myths. Anansi Boys was his first New York Times bestseller, after being in the works for over 10 years.

A distinctive fantasy writer with a solid fanbase, Gaiman’s works are a goldmine for IP, and have been adapted several times. One of the earliest adaptations was the 2007 feel-good flick Stardust, with Claire Danes and Robert De Niro. His spooky novella Coraline (and the source of some of my childhood nightmares) was also turned into a stop-motion animated film from Laika Studios, as well as his sci-fi rom-com How to Talk to Girls at Parties.

But his television adaptations are really where Gaiman‘s work shines, as creatives are able to delve into the fantastic worldbuilding and well-written characters. The cult TV series Lucifer is based on the DC Comics of the same name that was developed by Gaiman, and one of Starz‘s biggest series was its adaptation of American Gods. The latter unfortunately had a long and troublesome history, with numerous different showrunners attached each season. Earlier this year, Starz announced that it was canceling the fan-favorite series after its third season.

Anansi Boys is not the only Gaiman series in the works, as Netflix is also working on his DC Comics work The Sandman. The highly anticipated series is currently filming in London, with star Boyd Holbrook revealing that production started right after Christmas and will wrap up in June. There’s a lot of hype, pressure, and expectations around this series, but Gaiman‘s works always seem to be perfectly suited for adaptation.

Good Omens is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime, and shooting for Anansi Boys will begin in Scotland later this year.


via Collider

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