‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 7: New Clips Reveal the Release Date!! Check It Out!!

Fear The Walking Dead is ready to hit the ground running with its seventh season, as we’ve got two new clips confirming the release date for the new season. Fear is a spin-off of AMC‘s The Walking Dead which is about to broadcast its 11th and final season later this year. The storyline of Fear parallels the events which occur in the original series and even has some notable characters with crossover cameos on both shows.

Two new first-look clips were dropped earlier today on AMC‘s official The Walking Dead YouTube channel. The first one features June (Jenna Elfman) and John Sr. (Keith Carradine) who are woken from sleep by a loud, forceful thud that knocks a hole in a sheetrock wall and sends a bookcase crashing to the ground. After tearing the hole open wider and climbing through to investigate – because that seems like a wise thing to do – they discover the embalming lab of a serial killer named Teddy (John Glover) whom John is familiar with.

The second clip features prolific character Morgan (Lennie James) who first appeared in Season 1 of The Walking Dead and later transitioned to its successful spin-off. He’s currently cohabitating with Grace (Karen David) in a submarine. In the clip, he gets out of bed to go comfort a crying toddler. When a frustrated Grace asks what’s wrong, he reminds her that the child is hungry. Grace is then seen exiting the submarine into an apocalyptic-looking desert wasteland in search of food for the little girl.

At the end of both clips, it cuts to the title card and viewers can see that the Season 7 of Fear The Walking Dead premieres October 17. You can check out both of the first-look teasers below.


via Collider

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