‘The Suicide Squad’ Crosses $100 Million at the International BO!!!

Over the weekend, the overseas box office gross earnings for The Suicide Squad finally crossed the $100 million mark. It was already very close at the onset of the weekend; but the extra $4.6 million it earned airing in 6,530 theaters in 73 different international markets was just enough to tip it over the edge. It has now grossed a total of $101.8 million dollars overseas, bringing its worldwide total to $154.6 million.

To put this in perspective, this puts The Suicide Squad at number eight worldwide (according to Box Office Mojo) compared to other US movie releases so far in 2021. It is preceded by F9, Godzilla vs. Kong, Black Widow, A Quiet Place II, Cruella, Jungle Cruise, and Space Jam 2. But it has performed very well in foreign markets. It ranks in sixth place overseas, beating out Jungle Cruise and Space Jam 2 on that particular list.

Usually, the American films that perform the best overseas are those with lots of action and/or slapstick comedy with light, uncomplicated dialogue. Less gets lost in translation for the non-English speaking markets, so it’s easier for a broader audience to enjoy. The Suicide Squad is chock-full of action, so that’s a definite plus as far as its overseas performance is concerned. Still, it is interesting to see that the film’s witty dialogue and emotional layers and subplots – especially Ratcatcher 2’s speech to Bloodsport about having a purpose in life and her flashback with her dad – seem to be translating with international viewers.

The Suicide Squad is still playing in theaters nationwide and is also available for streaming on HBO Max until September 5.


via Collider

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