‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’: Netflix Acquires Sequel from Legendary Pictures!!

Netflix is headed south for their newest horror venture — and into legendary territory. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the streaming service has secured exclusive distribution rights to Legendary PicturesTexas Chainsaw Massacre sequel, directed by David Blue Garcia. The film, which picks up where Tobe Hooper’s 1974 classic left off, is the second team-up for the streamer and Legendary, after the release of Enola Holmes last year.

The sequel, starring Elsie Fisher, Sarah Yarkin, Jacob Latimore, and Moe Dunford, is set years after the gory events of the original film, in a timeline where — disregarding the slasher’s many sequels — the infamous killer Leatherface has not been seen or heard from since. No additional plot has been revealed, but with Garcia’s work as a cinematographer on films like Blood Fest, the new sequel is sure to be just as bloody as the original.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is, undoubtedly, a pillar of the slasher film genre, spawning seven sequels, a series of comics, and even a gimmick for a rock band — with Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2’s Bill Moseley performing in character with his band Cornbugs as Chop Top Sawyer, Leatherface’s brother. While it received mixed reviews upon its release in 1974, the film has gained a reputation as one of the most influential horror films of all time, credited with the invention of many popular slasher tropes including the personification of slashers as faceless, hulking figures.

This new Texas Chainsaw Masscre, which shot in Bulgaria last year, is directed by Garcia, with a script by Chris Thomas Devlin. The film is produced by filmmaker Fede Alvarez and Rodolfo Sayagues for Bad Hombre Films, as well as Kim Henkel, Ian Henkel, and Pat Cassidy of Exurbia Films. No release date for Netflix has been announced as of yet.


via Collider

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