‘Colin in Black and White’: First Trailer Teases the Ava Duvernay, Colin Kaepernick Netflix Series!! Check It Out!!

Colin Kaepernick, the former NFL star turned civil rights activist, will tell his coming-of-age story to the world in October. The first trailer for his upcoming project with Ava DuVernay, titled Colin in Black & White, has been released via Netflix, and shows a young Kaepernick as he tries to carve his own path against societal pressures and adversity.

The trailer features Kaepernick narrating as his younger self, played by Jaden Michael, goes through life en route to becoming a successful quarterback. It all seems like a normal life for a young boy: going through school, making friends, and playing sports, until the rug is pulled out from under him when he realized the rules of the world worked against him. “When we’re young, we’re told that the world is ours,” Kaepernick narrates as young Colin is about to make this discovery. “Then one day, we realize that the game we’re playing is someone else’s.”

The six-episode drama series tackles the formative moments in Kaepernick‘s life as he learns the hard lessons of the culture he grew up in and looks to defy the rules laid out for him. As a Black son adopted into a white family, he learned to overcome discrimination due to race and class in order to make his path his own. In the trailer, Kaepernick speaks to forging that path by changing the rules that hold people down and earning the power to fulfill his purpose. Kaepernick acts both as the narrator and co-director for the series alongside DuVernay. Nick Offerman and Mary-Louise Parker are also on board as Kaepernick‘s well-meaning adoptive parents Rick and Teresa.

Kaepernick rose to prominence as an activist in 2016 following his silent kneeling protests against racial discrimination and atrocities committed by police officers that led up to the Black Lives Matter movement. After that year, he was essentially forced into retirement as no team wanted to take him on in free agency and he became a full-time activist. He signed a first-look deal with Disney back in 2020 to create a series of shows that explore social justice, racism, and discrimination, as well as a documentary about his NFL journey.

Kaepernick became an icon for delivering an eye-opening, generation-defining message without saying a word. On October 29, he’ll speak his truth and recount his years of growing up in a system working against him. Check out the trailer below for a look at what’s to come in Colin in Black & White:



via Collider

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