‘Night of the Animated Dead’ Gets New Images!! Check It Out!!

New images from the upcoming Night of the Animated Dead have been released in anticipation of this non-live-action remake of George A. Romero’s 1968 classic horror movie.

There are four images in total featuring the main characters Barbara (Katharine Isabelle), Ben (Dulé Hill), Tom (James Roday Rodriguez), and Judy (Katee Sackhoff). The images feature pivotal moments in the movie, including the discovery that zombies are afraid of fire and the iconic scene in the graveyard where Barbara realizes something is very, very wrong. In addition to these cast members, Night of the Animated Dead also features Josh Duhamel and Nancy Travis as Harry and Helen Cooper, James Roday Rodriguez as Tom, and Will Sasso as Sheriff McClelland.

The art style almost gives the movie a Scooby-Doo vibe, but this movie is neither a whimsical nostalgia grab nor a murder mystery. It is at least interesting to see this black and white zombie classic put in living color this way.

The movie has been in the public domain for several years now, meaning that this is not the first time people have come up with their own remakes and re-imaginings of the original story. Perhaps the best remake was the 1990 classic of the same name which transformed Barbara (Patricia Tallman) from a useless, catatonic damsel in distress into a badass zombie-killing hero who manages to survive the carnage in the end. After all the zombies are quelled, she returns to the farmhouse where most of the movie takes place in order to murder Harry (Tom Towles) and avenge Ben’s (Tony Todd) death.

Night of the Animated Dead will be released in digital format on September 21, and will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on October 5. Check out more new images from Night of the Animated Dead below.


via Collider

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