’11:11′: Ben Barnes Releases Music Video of Debut Single!! Check It Out!!

In a sharp turn away from the on-screen bad boys he’s become known for, actor Ben Barnes is showing off his musical side with the first single from his upcoming EP, Songs For You. The song, titled “11:11,” is his latest venture since his success as the Darkling in Shadow and Bone, an upbeat, romantic ballad with a music video featuring his Westworld co-star, Evan Rachel Wood.

The song is a step up from the piano covers Barnes is known for on his Instagram, with a sweeping brass section and high notes that would make even a rockstar like Steven Tyler jealous. A passion project long in the making for the star, Barnes premiered the video in the same place he posted covers, celebrating a new turn for himself twenty years in the making.

“Does the mirror number time 11:11 have mystical, cosmic significance?” the actor asks. “Maybe not… but it can’t hurt to make a wish. My wish is in the song: for you all to be ‘happy, free and fearless’ in the pursuit of your dreams…I’m so proud of this tune and music video and many wonderful, talented people helped me get it from my piano to here.”

Directed by Lee Toland Krieger, the accompanying video is enough to make anyone swoon, even if they aren’t particularly interested in Barnes himself. (Which is a stretch to begin with — have you seen him?) Wood and Barnes dance through a storyline straight out of a Danielle Steel novel, through candlelit ballrooms, and into an auditorium where Barnes moves into an epic serenade, band accompaniment and all.

“11:11” is the first of several songs from Barnes‘ EP Songs For You, which will be available for streaming on October 15. Produced by John Alagia and Jesse Siebenberg, the single is available to stream now wherever music is available. Check out the music video below:


via Collider

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