‘Adventure Beast’ Trailer Reveals Netflix’s New Adult Animated Series!! Check It Out!!

Netflix released the trailer of Adventure Beast, a new adult animated series about a zoologist that does whatever it takes to save wildlife, including putting himself and his colleagues in danger.

Half comedy show, half nature documentary, the series features real-life humorist and nature lover Bradley Trevor Greive voicing an animated version of himself.

The trailer presents Greive, his favorite niece Bonnie, and his fearful-of-absolutely-everything Senior Field Assistant, Dietrich. In each episode of Adventure Beast, the three will explore different biomes while sharing truly astonishing, sometimes risqué facts that other wildlife shows would be too polite to mention. So, get ready to learn which shark species kill their brothers and sisters in the womb or how exactly vomit can be used as a defense mechanism against predators. Nature is beautiful, isn’t it?

Greive is a writer, former paratrooper, adventurer, strongman, television presenter, and the world’s highest-selling humorist. He also supports numerous wildlife preservation projects worldwide, which led him to be a part of Adventure Beast. That’s why in the series, the team constantly finds themselves surrounded by all kinds of fascinating animals that are just waiting for the chance to kill them. And also why there’s a lot of true nature facts and a pulsing love for animals mixed with the adult humor of Adventure Beast.

Adventure Beast is produced by Mission Control Media. All 12 episodes of the first season come to Netflix on October 22. Check the new trailer below.

Here’s Adventure Beast official synopsis:

A brave zoologist, his spunky niece and anxious assistant explore the world while saving wild beasts in this adult animated educational-comedy series.


via Collider

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