‘Rugrats’ Reboot Renewed for Season 2!!

Paramount+ picked up Rugrats for a second season ahead of the Season 1 finale. The reboot of the classic ‘90s cartoon debuted last May 27 on ViacomCBS’s streaming service with five episodes, with a new set of eight episodes to be released this October.

Rugrats follows a group of babies that embark on dangerous missions involving aliens, dinosaurs, and werewolves. Well, not that dangerous, as the adventures mostly take place in the babies’ imagination. Just like the original show, the reboot pays homage to the unlimited potential a child has to imagine all sorts of adventures, and the apparent success of Season 1’s first batch of episodes already ensures a second season with 13 new episodes will be produced.

Commenting on the early renewal of Rugrats, Chief Programming Officer Tanya Giles said: “With the renewal of Rugrats for a second season, we look forward to bringing even more adventures with Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica, and the rest of the Rugrats for kids and families to enjoy.” Ramsey Naito, President of Nickelodeon Animation, added: “For 30 years, the Rugrats have resonated with fans around the globe, and we can’t wait to continue telling original and fresh stories with these beloved characters.”

While the change in the art style might push fans away, the Rugrats reboot brings back many of the talents who worked on the original show. Eryk Casemiro and Kate Boutilier are back as executive producers for the new show, while original voice director Charlie Adler reprises his role. Most of the babies’ voice casts also came back, helping bridge the gap of almost two decades between the original series cancellation in 2004 and the new show release.

Eight new episodes will become available on Paramount+ on Thursday, October 7.


via Collider

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