‘Aeon Flux’: Paramount+ Announces Live-Action TV Series Reboot!!

You haven’t seen the last of Jeff Davis. Four years after Teen Wolf‘s final episode aired, MTV Entertainment Studios is teaming up with the creator, writer, and producer once again. He signed a multi-year deal that puts him ahead of several projects, including a reboot of Æon Flux, a cult sci-fi series first announced back in 2018.

The multi-year deal also features a Teen Wolf movie with the original cast, and an all-new series titled Wolf Pack, based on the novel series by Edo Van Belkom. Davis will also be closely involved in Æon Flux: he will serve as showrunner and director of the pilot for the new Paramount+ series. In addition to all of these, Davis is also set to executive produce other projects for the streaming platform.

Created by Peter Chung, Æon Flux was originally an animated series that aired on MTV from 1991 to 1995. The series earned a cult following and a loyal fanbase in the years after it was aired, and this translated into comic book, movie, and game adaptations for the story. Æon Flux is credited as one of the first big anime female superheroes. The allegories and symbolism portrayed in the post-apocalyptic series served as influence for people like the Wachowskis, who mention it as an inspiration for The Matrix film series.

In 2005, filmmaker Karyn Kusama directed the first live-action adaptation, starring Charlize Theron in the main role. The movie was poorly reviewed and the main complaint from fans was that it didn’t delve as deep as the animated series did into philosophy and society’s issues. In the story, set centuries after a virus eliminated 99% of the population, humanity lives in a utopia that has people mysteriously disappear from time to time. Æon Flux is a deadly assassin who works alongside a group of rebels that are trying to overthrow the government and discover what’s behind those disappearances.

Aside from the Teen Wolf movie coming in 2022, MTV Entertainment studios hasn’t announced any dates for the upcoming projects.


via Collider

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