‘Freeridge’: Netflix Announces an ‘On My Block’ Spinoff!!

Netflix has revealed a new spin-off in the works for the original hit series On My Block, titled Freeridge. The new series promises fans an entirely new view of the fictitious town Freeridge with a whole new core squad following the events of On My Block, which garnered massive fan and critic praise since it began in 2018. Freeridge comes from On My Block co-creators Lauren lungerich, Eddie Gonzalez & Jeremy Haft with Jamie Uyeshiro and Jamie Dooner.

Although few details are known about the spin-off, we know that it will follow a new crew of friends who may or may not have unleashed a deadly curse, and kicking off the adventure of a lifetime. Netflix‘s Head of Comedy Tracey Pakosta had this to say regarding the spin-off:

“While this chapter is closing for our OG squad this October as they reach the end of High School, we are excited to bring a brand new cast of characters and stories to life in this ON MY BLOCK spin-off. There are so many more stories to tell in Freeridge and we’re grateful to continue this journey with Lauren, Eddie, Jeremy, Jamie Uyeshiro and Jamie Dooner.”

Co-creator lungerich, who has always worked on Boo, Bitch, and Awkward, also added:

“Co-creating and running ON MY BLOCK was and will always be a highlight of my life. I am so proud to pass the baton to my incredible partners Eddie and Jeremy and the incomparable Jamie Uyeshiro who rocked it in the writers room from day one. There are more stories to tell of our beloved Freeridge and I cannot wait to continue to work with this talented team.”

This should clarify for fans without a shadow of a doubt that the co-creators from On My Block will do the best they can in bringing more crazy strories and adventures to fans based in the town of Freeridge.

As the fourth and final season of On My Block inches closer, fans can surely expect more information on Freeridge in terms of casting and such to be announced. While there is no premiere date for Freeridge yet, the fourth and final season of On My Block debuts on October 4.



via Collider

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