‘Batman: Wayne Family Adventures’ Webtoon Gets a Live-Action Miniseries!!

Back in September as part of Batman Day, DC Comics announced that they were creating a brand new comedic webtoon series starring Batman and his Bat-family called Batman: Wayne Family Adventures. After just under a month its run online, Webtoons has made the announcement that the comedy short series will be getting a live-action web series adaptation by Ismahawk, revealed by IGN.

The series will air exclusively on the Ismahawk Youtube channel, where a teaser trailer is already up for audiences to view. The teaser gives brief glimpses of the members of the Bat-family such as Nightwing and Red Hood, ending by announcing an official trailer will be arriving on October 11. The series will be a three-part mini-series and will premiere in mid-October.

The cast includes Yoshi Sudarso as Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing, who took to Twitter to say how excited he was to be fulfilling a dream of playing the first Robin. The tweet also includes a teaser image of the Nightwing suit that he will be dawning as well as the full cast list that will be starring in the show alongside him. The rest of the cast includes Jonathan Bentley as Bruce Wayne, Lisa Foiles as Barbara Gordon, aka Oracle, Tim Neff as Jason Todd, aka Red Hood, Peter Sudarso as Tim Drake, aka Red Robin, Meghan Camarena as Stephanie Brown, aka Spoiler, Gemma Nguyen as Cassandra Cain, aka Orphan, Carter Rockwood as Damien Wayne aka Robin, Du-Shaunt ‘Fik-Shun’ Stegall as Duke Thomas, aka Signal and Marcus Weiss as Alfred Pennyworth.

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures first launched on Webtoons on September 8 and is not like other Batman stories that see the Caped Crusader staring down from rooftops and going up against his typical rogues’ gallery. Instead, it’s more of a slice-of-life series that follows the day-to-day hijinks of Bruce’s extended Bat-family. This ranges from competing with each other in the gym to fighting each other (and eventually Batman himself) over the last of Alfred’s award-winning cookies. It is a series that takes these familiar characters and puts them in more down to Earth and simple scenarios that don’t include a clown trying to gas a city.

The series of shorts went on to be incredibly popular, surpassing half a million views in its first weekend. With such popularity, it’s no wonder that the series is seeing itself get adapted. You can read all six of the currently released issues of the lighthearted web series for free at Webtoons.

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures will be available on Ishahawk‘s YouTube channel starting in mid-October. Watch the teaser trailer for the live-action adaptation for Batman: Wayne Family Adventures down below:


via Collider

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