‘Barbie’: Ryan Gosling Set as Ken in the Margot Robbie led Movie!!!

After months of speculation, we finally know who will be opposite Margot Robbie in the long-gestating Barbie film. Deadline is reporting that Ryan Gosling is in final negotiations to don the ascot as Ken in Greta Gerwig’s adaptation.

Apparently, it was quite the journey to get him to join the film. According to Deadline’s insiders, Gosling was apparently Warner Bros.’ first and only choice for Ken, and he allegedly turned it down when he was first approached for the role. However, the tides ended up turning in the favor of Warner Bros., as Gosling has now decided to sign on. Given how the actor has two daughters with his wife Eva Mendes, it’ll be both entertaining and sweet to see him take on such an iconic character.

Now that their leading man is almost set, the Barbie film might finally get the greenlight for filming. The film dates back all the way to 2009, with Sony originally lining up Diablo Cody to write the script in 2014. Two years later, Amy Schumer was cast as the titular doll from a script by Hilary Winston. However, the project remained in development until Warner Bros. and Robbie picked it up in 2018, originally aiming for Patty Jenkins on directing duties. A year later, Gerwig was speculated as the final director choice, adapting a script she co-wrote with Noah Baumbach.

It’s been a weird time getting Mattel’s glamorous doll to the big screen, but it looks like we’ll finally be getting the film sooner rather than later. With Gosling’s involvement now secured, Barbie could start filming at the beginning of 2022.

If this new casting proves anything, it’s that this new film is unpredictable in the best ways. Gerwig and Baumbach seem to be a surprising duo to take on such a project, as is Gosling’s casting. However, these unlikely combinations could result in an entertaining and thought-provoking film. We will have to see what the outcome will be in the near future, as Barbie currently does not have a release date.



via Collider

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