‘The World According to Jeff Goldblum’ Season 2 Gets Trailer!! Check It Out!!

As you probably know, this is Jeff Goldblum’s world and we’re all just living in it. Season 2 of The World According to Jeff Goldblum is coming to our screens exactly two years after Season 1 premiered, and now we have our first look at the trailer, courtesy of Disney+ and National Geographic. The first five episodes of Season 2 will launch on Disney+ beginning November 12, with the second half of the season made available to stream in early 2022.

In the new trailer, it is revealed that this time around, Goldblum will go out looking for monsters, figure out fireworks, try to do magic, ride motorcycles, and be mistreated by… a dog? Why a dog wouldn’t like Jeff Goldblum remains to be discovered. This season, Goldblum will also cross paths with such legends as Penn & Teller and two-time Oscar-winning animator Phil Tippet.

When speaking about the series earlier this month during a NYCC panel, Goldblum talked about the sense of wonder that each new discovery brings, and he was particularly excited for people to see the episode on magic, and how it relates to other aspects of life:

“When you can really experience the, ‘Hey, maybe I’m not as smart as I thought I was. Maybe I don’t know everything there is to know.’ I have my mind set about what reality is, but maybe if it doesn’t make me too gullible to people that would want to con me, there are other parts of myself that might benefit from being open and recovering the wonder that I had when I was a kid. And that there’s real magic afoot in the universe that I could be open to and look into.”

In 2020, The World According to Jeff Goldblum was nominated at the Emmys in the Outstanding Hosted Nonfiction Series or Special category. The new season is set to be a part of a special event, Disney+ Day, which will also bring the release of exclusive and awaited titles such as Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Jungle Cruise, Home Sweet Home Alone, a series of Frozen shorts titled Olaf Presents, and others.

Disney+ premieres the first five episodes of Season 2 of The World According to Jeff Goldblum on November 12, with the latter half of the season to stream in early 2022. Check out the trailer and list of episodes that will air below:

  • Magic: Jeff learns mind-bending tricks from Las Vegas icons Penn & Teller and has his perception of reality destroyed by viral superstar Zach King. But magic isn’t all about big names and crazy illusions — for some, magic can be a celebration of nature, a connection to our cultural heritage and a means to explore our deepest selves.
  • Fireworks: Now a billion-dollar industry, Jeff learns the fireworks business is booming. From a dazzling drone display to spectacular stargazing, Jeff discovers how the feeling of awe affects us and the weird and wonderful ways we seek it out.
  • Monsters: Jeff discovers the frightening truth behind why we love to be scared and meets master monster-maker Phil Tippet in his legendary studio before embarking on a monster hunt in the Big Foot forests among the California redwoods.
  • Dogs: From a wild ride with a pack of huskies and a family of urban mushers to the weird and wonderful world of Instagram dogs to a puppy pile-on with a squad of trainee service dogs, Jeff meets every kind of working dog imaginable and gets to the heart of why dogs mean so much to us.
  • Dance: Jeff does a grand jeté into the world of dance. From spinning in a roller disco to entertaining a dance battle, Jeff uncovers the reason we can’t resist moving and shaking to a sweet melody.



via Collider

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